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the gift of a kayak and a dream

I was gifted a kayak from a friend last spring. With quarantine in effect, I was going stir crazy...

So I strapped my used sun dolphin kayak on top of my tiny car and headed to the lake. It felt so good to be on the water. It reminded me of growing up in Minnesota, floating on the water, fishing, and listening to the loons. Being on the water does something good for the soul.

One day on the kayak I paddled around an island on a local lake. As I turned the corner I saw

4 deer and two bald eagles hanging out together. The sun had just come up and there was a slight fog over the calm water. I sat there for a half hour--they looked at me, and I looked at them. Eventually going our separate ways.

On that day and so many more last summer--I had this thought, "More people need to experience these lake moments". For many years I wanted to get on the water but did not have the storage, or car, or funds. When I did get on the water it opened up a new world for me. I knew many were in the same boat.

Many days I'd come off of the water and toss my kayak on my car and people would ask about it-- telling me they wish they could go. This thought kept bugging me, that more people need to experience the water around Lincoln. Having a bit of an entrepreneurial brain I started to dream up what a water rental business in Lincoln could look like.

Dreaming is fun! Turning the dream into reality--its work. I started researching to see what was around Lincoln and found there was definitely room for a kayak and paddleboard rental outfit. I held on to the idea for some time, not really sure if it was a good one. Finally, I told a few good friends and they were excited. Having good people around you really helps when you decide to go after something big. My Dad decided to come along for the wild ride and I'm so thankful!

So here we are--a month and a half in. It's been a joy to help all kinds of local people, visitors, young and old get on the water. We've helped over 500 people get on local lakes so far, looking forward to many more this summer! Hope you can join us! ~Kyle

Have you booked your solo or group trip yet? Visit Holmes Lake, Branched Oak Lake, Wagon Train Lake, Wildwood lake and more this summer. Book your trip and we'll meet you at the shore with everything you need for a great time on the water!

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